Justice for Mike Brown: What are you Prepared to do?


But the color of a Negro’s skin makes him easily recognizable, makes him suspect, converts him into a defenseless target”―Richard Wright, Black Boy

There will be no trial for Darren Wilson, the white police officer who killed Michael Brown, an unarmed African American teen in Ferguson, Missouri. No trial for a police officer who shot an UNARMED teen over six times including twice in the head! The decision not to indict has left many angry, sad, and frustrated but my question and challenge to all those like myself who are both saddened and angry over the decision is: what are you prepared to do?

What are you prepared to do when the protests stop? What are you prepared to do when Mike Brown and Ferguson is no longer being covered by the main stream media? Some say “lets go back to Africa” and to those I say you are an American and this is your land, so fight for equal rights here in America, fight to stop mass incarceration, fight to improve inadequate schools and impoverished communities. It is easy to say the system will never work for us, but how can a system we refuse to participate in work in our favor?

I really am at a lost for words. I am so angry and full of grief. Nobody deserves to be shot down like an animal and left dead in the streets for four hours. To the family and friends of Michael Brown my prayers are with you, nobody deserves to live with the pain you will have to live with. To the people in Ferguson, Missouri continue to protest peacefully and let the world know we won’t stand for this type of treatment anymore. To Bob McCulloch, the “Prosecuting Attorney” for St. Louis, Missouri to hell with you!


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