Michael Brown: First, Assassinate the Man, and then Assassinate His Character


“The selective release of sensitive information that we have seen in this case so far is troubling to me”- Attorney General Eric Holder

It does not matter if Michael Brown was an inspiring rapper, it does not matter if he stole cigarillos from a convenience store and it does not matter if Michael Brown had marijuana in his system at the time of the shooting, what does matter is that an unarmed teenager was shot six times in broad daylight for jaywalking. Those aiming to make Brown’s life meaningless by assassinating his character are trying to make our protest meaningless.

Among the new details on the Michael Brown shooting leaked Monday to the Washington Post was that Brown had marijuana in his system when he was shot on Aug. 9 by a Ferguson, Mo., police officer. The Post cited a “person familiar with the county’s investigation,” though it did not provide any additional details. The St. Louis County medical examiner’s report has been filed to the county prosecutor’s office, which is conducting one of the investigations into the shooting, the newspaper reported. The source also told the Post that Brown had been shot six to eight times, all from the front, per the county’s investigation. Those findings would be consistent with an independent autopsy ordered by the Brown family and released Monday (Dyaln Scott).

In addition to the most recent leak regarding Brown’s state during the shooting, the Ferguson, Missouri police department ignored a request by the Department of Justice not to release surveillance video of Brown allegedly robbing a convenience store at the same time they released the identity of the officer that shot and killed Brown. The Chief of Police later unveiled that the officer in question was not responding to the robbery but instead confronted Brown for jaywalking.

The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday on Brown’s SoundCloud page, a collection of amateur rap songs that Brown had posted before his death. They contained much of the imagery and language common to so-called gangster rap. Pictures of Brown flashing alleged gang signs have also circulated in the conservative blogosphere. FrontPage magazine, the online home of David Horowitz, whose self-described mission is to battle the radical left, labeled Brown “a criminal and a thug” in its summary of his character, which featured the rap lyrics (Dylan Scott).

Trayvon Martin was accused of being on drugs at the time of his killing; Jordan Davis was playing “threatening” rap music too loud at the time of his, and now Brown is being portrayed as a drug addict and “strong arm” thief. In the United States of America the punishment for smoking marijuana (legal in some states), playing loud music, and shoplifting isn’t death… well unless you’re a young African American male.


2 thoughts on “Michael Brown: First, Assassinate the Man, and then Assassinate His Character

  1. “what does matter is that an unarmed teenager was shot six times in broad daylight for jaywalking”

    What you’re missing is that without knowing the facts, which none of us know, this statement is an assassination of the police officer’s character. The story you are claiming to be true is one sided. For whatever reason you just don’t care about the police officer as a human or about the possibility he was in the right or that both were in part in the wrong (who knows…I sure don’t). So you are claiming it’s all right to make claims about one party and not the other. If either one of the involved parties has a history of violence it is relevant, and both people should be fully and openly investigated.

    I guarantee you, btw, that no cop said “Hey, jaywalker…I’d better kill him.” So look at your claims and really question why you are motivated to misrepresent the few available facts.

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