Obamacare is here to Stay

U.S. President Barack Obama laughs during the White House Correspondents Association Dinner in Washington

“The debate over repealing this law is over. The Affordable Care Act is here to stay.” –President Barack Obama

Its official, the Affordable Care Act also known as “Obamacare” is here to stay. During the first open enrollment period of President Obama’s signature legislative achievement 7.1 million Americans signed up for healthcare coverage through the exchange. Once you add the scores of young Americans allowed to stay on their parents insurance until the age of 26 and those eligible to enroll in Medicaid the number of those receiving benefits under the Affordable Care Act is nearly 12 million. According to the Congressional Budget Office enrollment in the health care exchanges is expected to double next year and quadruple by 2017. The number of Americans receiving insurance under the law in 2017; the earliest date we could have a Republican president, could be close to 30 million which makes it is safe to say Obamacare is here to stay!

Obamacare by no means was guaranteed to succeed, it was a rocky rode getting the law passed let alone enacted, but political courage by Congressional Democrats in 2010 paved the way. Democrats paid a heavy price in 2010 for enacting the health care law. During the 2010 mid-term elections Congressional Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives and seats in the Senate, but I believe the cost was worth it. Every progressive president over the last 100 years has tried and failed to enact a national health care plan, President Obama achieved where they failed.

Here are some of the new rights and protections provided under Obamacare:

In addition to the rights and benefits included in this guide, here are some others:

Republicans have spent the better half of four years trying to sabotage and repeal this law. Republican Governors and legislatures across the country refused to expand Medicaid denying health insurance to millions of low income Americans. Republicans in Congress have vowed to repeal the law and voted to do so on 40 different occasions. If Republicans were smart they would offer to fix the flaws in the legislation and take credit for future success, but Republicans loathed Obama and this law so much that despite the law’s success they continue to promise to repeal the law, taking new rights and protections away from millions of Americans.

For those Republicans feeling sick because of the laws success, I advise you to sign-up during the next open enrollment period.



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