It is the End of the World, For the Republican Party


“If this was a parliamentary system, tonight’s dissent on Plan B would be seen as a vote of no confidence in Boehner. The national GOP is now simply a collection of warring tribal factions.” –Craig Shirley, Republican Consultant


2012 continues to be the year of reckoning for the Republican Party. First, they not only lose the presidential election, but they also lost seats in the Senate and House of Representatives. Now, Speaker of the House John Boehner has failed to convince his own Republican Caucus to vote for a bill that would raise taxes for millionaires and has put the country on a fast track to go over the “fiscal cliff”. The Mayans were right, the end of the world is upon us, well at-least upon the faction of the country who calls themselves Republicans.

I will get back to the embarrassing vote Boehner had to call off last night in a minute, but let’s first focus on the current Republican Party. After the 2010 Mid-Term Elections that seen Republicans take control of the House of Representatives in what was one of the largest election wins in history the Republican Party began to operate completely from their radical right wing fringe. That new Republican class immediately passed legislation that would eliminate healthcare for the most vulnerable, cut funding for Planned Parenthood, redefine rape, eliminate funds that help feed needy children and the elderly, all while preserving tax breaks for the wealthy.

The public rejected the Republican’s ideology from coast to coast. President Obama won women 55%-44%, African-Americans 93%-6%, Hispanics 71%-28%, and Asians 73%-27%. Republicans won Caucasian voters, but the country is growing more brown and less white which poses serious questions for the Republican Party. So, you would think after taking a whooping in the election just over a month ago that Republicans would be ready to compromise and work with Democrats to get things done especially since 53% of Americans believe that Republican Party is too extreme. But no! Instead of working with Democrats and President Obama, Republicans have decided to move the country into an uncertain financial future.

Per the Washington Post:

House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) sought to shift responsibility Friday to President Obama and the Democratic-controlled Senate to reach an agreement to avert a series of spending cuts and tax hikes after his fellow Republicans delivered a stunning rebuke to Boehner’s own plan to raise taxes on those making more than $1 million.

In a Friday morning news conference about 14 hours after he abruptly canceled a vote on his proposal, known as “Plan B,” Boehner vowed to continue negotiating with the White House to avert the “fiscal cliff.” He said his plan failed because many of his fellow Republicans simply did not want to be perceived to be raising any taxes.

Boehner said he continues to favor a grand bargain with the president that would set the stage for a dramatic overhaul of the tax code and significant changes in federal entitlement programs.

“How we get there, God only knows,” he said.

Republicans now find themselves where Democrats were between 1968-1988, a party that is bankrupt of any ideas with no clear leadership. This is, most likely, only the beginning of the infighting that will play itself out within the Republican Party over the next year. There are no Republicans willing to stand up to the big money interest that has taken over the party and without strong leadership Republicans will continue to flounder about.

I believe our political systems works best when both political parties are led by strong leaders willing to compromise and not give into special interest and their radical fringes. The Republican Party is void of responsible leaders and is completely controlled by their radical right fringe. The Modern Conservative Movement that began with Ronald Reagan in 1980 has seen its demise in 2012. The Mayans were right; the world is coming to an end, for Republicans.





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