Dear President Obama, Wake the F*%K Up!

“Sorry, my friends, but there’s no time to snore
An out-of-touch millionaire just declared war
On schools, the environment, unions, fair pay
We’re all on our own if Romney has his way
And he’s against safety nets
If you fall, tough luck
So, I strongly suggest that you wake the f*ck up.”

-Samuel Jackson

Now, I will be the first person to tell you not to not over react to President Obama’s debate performance last week. In 2004, I celebrated the beat down John Kerry gave to George Bush in their first debate and well, by election night I was sad and disappointed. So I know debates do not decide elections and historically incumbent presidents lose the first debate (except Bill Clinton), Ronald Reagan even went down by 17 points after his debate with Michael Dukakis, Dukakis went on to lose 49 states. The first national poll taken since the debate is out and it shows President Obama trailing Mitt Romney by 4 points, a 12 point swing in Romney’s favor from just a month ago. President Obama can’t afford to have another listless debate performance or this campaign may start taking on water. President Obama, wake the f*%k up!

Among registered voters in the recent Pew Poll when asked if the election was held today who would they support both Romney and Obama is tied at 46%. Last month Obama led Romney 51% to 42%.  Among likely voters Romney’s lead grow to 4, 49%-45%. 66% of all voters said Romney did the better job during the debate while only 20% said the same about President Obama. This was the danger Obama faced going into the debate, if he allowed Romney to have a solid debate performance he would give the Romney campaign a shot in the arm and that is exactly what Obama did. Obama and his campaign have been on the offensive since the debate, but that is the approach they should have taken during the debate. 70 million Americans watched last weeks debate many tuning in for the first time and President Obama allowed Romney to move to the center without challenging any of his false statements.

The shot in the arm the Romney campaign received have led to an increase in enthusiasm amongst Romney supporters. 67% of Republicans are more enthused abut Romney now, an 11 point increase from a month ago while enthusiasm for President Obama remains at  68% the same as last month. It is VERY important for Obama to rally his base (youth, women, and minorities) if he is to win election this fall. Obama’s performance did not inject any enthusiasm into his campaign; as a matter of fact it led many of his supporters to start wondering about the president’s chances. 82% of Romney supporters said they have given a lot of thought to this election while the same could be said 0f 0nly 67% of the president’s supporters. All in all, the race still favors Obama at this point, but the Obama campaign has let Romney find an opening.

Romney’s strong debate performance also led to gains in his favorability rating. Romney who has been viewed unfavorable by a majority of voters throughout this campaign is now up to 50% in the Pew Poll while President Obama’s favorability has dipped to 49% from 55% a month ago. This is dangerous for Obama because the small amount of swing voters who very well could decide this race is starting to see Romney as an adequate alternative to President Obama.

On Friday the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8% the lowest of Obama’s presidency, but after Romney’s strong debate performance 54% of participants said Obama does not know how to turn-around the economy. This is the danger of not presenting your record before the American people. The economy was in danger of sinking into a depression when Obama took office and because of preventative measures like the Stimulus package and auto bailout Obama has helped 4 million Americans find jobs, more than his predecessor. Romney wanted the auto industry to fail and said the housing market should bottom out; the country would no doubt be in a worst place if Romney not Obama was president. Romney’s policies are dangerous and would benefit the rich over the working class, but Obama allowed Romney to dress his policies up in a way that seems reasonable to most Americans.

Now, there will be many polls that come out this week showing a strong Romney surge (such as this Pew Poll), some that show moderate gains for Romney, and some that show no significant movement for Romney (such as the Gallup tracking Poll which show the race in Obama’s favor 50%-45% the same as before the debate, Romney pulled even 47%-47% after the debate). The last debate should serve as a warning to President Obama. The economy is improving, but it is still fragile enough for most voters who are willing to change their mind. Obama must stay aggressive and in the next debate call Romney out on his false statements.

President Obama frequently says this election isn’t about him it’s about us (the American people). He is right! This election is about the future of America. It is about the student who needs student loans to help them pay for college, the young person who can now stay on their parent’s health insurance until the age of 26, the patient who can no longer be denied health insurance because of pre-existing conditions, the elderly Americans who depends on Social Security and Medicare to survive, the gay service men and women who can serve their country openly, and the auto workers in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and throughout the Mid-West who help revive the auto industry. This election is about the survival of the middle-class. So, President Obama wake the f*%k up and take the fight to Romney.



2 thoughts on “Dear President Obama, Wake the F*%K Up!

  1. You said: “the small amount of swing voters who very well could decide this race is starting to see Romney as an adequate alternative to President Obama.”. Bingo. That’s the problem, and it’s no small matter. We have nearly a month’s worth of 24-hour news cycles and a couple of debates left, so I’m not assuming that any damage done in debate #1 is irreversible, but you’re right. The president needs to watch that Samuel L. Jackson video, for about an hour a day, EVERY day between now and the next debate. And then if he still sleeps through the next one, I say we send Samuel L. Jackson over to the White House in person for a little visit. 🙂

    1. LOL I really like your suggestion esp sending Samuel to the White House. Maybe he should be using Samuel L Jackson and not Mitt Romney in his debate prep lol

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